The earlier you begin taking care of your skin, the better it will age and keep you looking young for a long time. It’s also beneficial to know what does and doesn’t work for your specific skin type at an early age, so you don’t have to spend decades testing heaps of products that never seem to get the job done. Looking for the best way to begin your skin care journey? Then read all about the benefits of getting regular facials as a teen.

What’s the Best Age?
Throughout your teenage years, hormones start going crazy and continue to ebb and flow into adulthood. These hormones affect your skin as much as it does your mood and thought processes, causing breakouts and blemishes that never seem to get better. If you’re someone who also deals with oily skin or weak follicular walls, you may experience cystic acne, which is much more severe and stubborn than mild to moderate acne. Once the teenage years start at 13, it’s time to begin this skin care regimen. An early introduction to facials and proper skin care routines will also help you in the future as your skin begins to age more rapidly.

What’s Included in a Facial?
To begin with, a skin analysis is done by your esthetician to determine what type of skin you have and the most effective treatment methods for it. A gentle exfoliation follows to remove dead skin cells and loosen the surface so a deep cleaning of your pores can be performed. The addition of steam may be utilized to allow for better access to your pores to effectively extract blackheads. This makes the procedure safer for your skin, as having someone digging into your pores would aggravate it rather than soothe it.

A mask specific to your skin type is applied before an oil-free lotion finishes off the session. Other information regarding how to improve your skin will be discussed during the facial treatment, including how your diet has a large effect on your skin, as does exercise and practicing a healthy lifestyle. Teenagers should get facials consistently in order to keep their skin under control. For those who have severe skin problems, we recommend seeing your esthetician every two weeks. Do you just want to maintain your primarily clear skin? Then getting a facial every four months will do the trick.

What About the Benefits?
Clean out blackheads and unclog pores caused by the production of oil in the skin, allowing the skin to breathe and absorb skin care products more effectively. Only a professional can properly soften and prep the skin before manually extracting the blockages without causing damage to your skin. Because facials are performed to solve a specific problem, the intensity of them is specified to the severity of the issue.

Teens will also get a proper lesson on how to sufficiently care for their skin. Because there’s so much information out in the world about what works and what doesn’t regarding clear skin, it’s difficult to know what will and won’t work for you specifically. Your esthetician will provide you with information tailored to your skin, with possible product recommendations and specific do’s and don’ts regarding what to do when you’re on your own.

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