The Cause

Almost anyone can relate to waking up in the morning, walking into the bathroom and have raccoon eyes staring back them. More than just a lack of sleep can produce dark undereye circles. Combining factors of genetics, excessive pigmentation around your eyes, dry or irritated skin, loss of bone, enlarged blood vessels and ageing can contribute to dark circles. The shadowy effects that result are due to the exposure of the veins beneath your skin as well as your orbital bone. If you have thinner skin under your eyes, that can make your circles look more intense.

The Treatment: Products

Because there are so many possible causes for dark circles, treatment can vary from person to person. But something that’s constantly recommended but doesn’t always work? Eye creams. They don’t do much to shrink veining or reduce high pigmentation. Eye creams may work temporarily, but only with mild results.

Having a good skincare routine is essential in keeping your skin healthy while fending off dehydration and skin irritation, all of which can help in intensifying dark circles. Products with vitamin C will brighten and protect the skin from free radicals, while products that contain niacinamide will improve collagen production and increase ceramides that soothe and hydrate skin. Retinol-based products also help in creating more collagen, exfoliating and brighten skin, and repairing it.

Dermatologists may recommend facial treatments to help improve pigmentation. Chemical peels, intense pulsed light laser treatments and other can lighten the area. However, there are usually mild side effects to these treatments, such as redness, dryness and skin peeling.

The Treatment: DIY

Want to try a home remedy to decrease your dark circles? Then your answer lies in caffeine. It reduces redness, swelling and fluid from collecting around your eyes. Caffeine will additionally tighten your eye area while neutralizing free radicals from damaging DNA.

The cucumber method for dealing with dark circles has been highly popularized over the decades, and to an extent, it does work. However, only if you’re looking for temporary improvements. It’s the cool temperature of the cucumber that helps with inflammations resulting from dark circles, not the components of the cucumber itself.

The Cover-Up

Full coverage concealers or colour correcting makeup are a lifesaver when dealing with dark circles. If you go for the colour correcting route, select a green shade to cancel out redness, and pink to brighten the area. If you have blue under eye circles, a yellow tones concealer will cancel it out. Always be gentle with your skin, especially under your eyes, they’re fragile and will wrinkle more easily as you age.

The Sunscreen

Wearing a minimum of SPF 30 daily is important for keeping your skin free from damage. Excessive unprotected sun exposure will increase your skin’s pigmentation, making your dark circles more prominent.

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