Even if you’re the biggest fan of the winter season, you have to admit all these freezing temperatures and stinging winds can really chill you to the bone. Not to mention the fact the dry, cold hair is seriously damaging to our skin and hair. What we need are nice and toasty spa day treatments to keep us feeling our best when the weather is at its worst.

#1. Hot Stone Massage

Okay, maybe this one is a bit obvious, but doesn’t it sound so divine? This special type of massage uses heated, smooth stones to relieve muscle tension and promote a peaceful state of mind. Sometimes the stones are laid upon specific parts of your body. The placement of the stones corresponds with your specific needs, where your aches and pains are located, or what you wish for the result of your massage to be.

In other instances a massage specialist may hold to stones while they perform other massage techniques. Besides being a great warming treat for your body, hot stone massage is also great for promoting healthy sleep, boosting immunity, and reducing stress and anxiety.

#2. Spa Pedicure

Dry winter air is terrible on our skin, especially our feet. If you work on your feet, play outside, or do more shopping than usual (and who doesn’t this season) chances are your feet not only ache but also suffer from dry skin and even heel cracks.

This is where a spa pedicure really shines. Not only do your feet get a nice warm soak, you’ll be treated to a delightfully indulgent foot massage too. Your skin will also be treated to a specialized foot wrap meant to promote healthy skin generation and moisture retention. The full experience usually involves care for calluses as well as treatment for the nails and cuticles too!

#3. European Facial

The environment plays a dastardly game with our skin all winter, especially facial skin which is often the most exposed this season. A European facial is perfect for winter because it is highly personalized and features the moisturizing treatment you need to keep your skin supple. You will even receive a special treatment mask that is customized to the needs of your skin.

Beyond moisturizing, European style facials include cleansers, exfoliants, and even steam to draw out impurities from the skin. Top it off with some gentle shoulder and neck massages and this may be your go-to treatment to escape the stress of the cold outdoors.

#4. Infusion Facial

Designed to be a super powerful anti-aging treatment by Indermica, Infusion facials are also an excellent way to keep your skin youthful and healthy in harsh winter weather. It promotes hydration and offers excellent rejuvenation of dull or damaged skin. Wrinkles and fine lines are also reduced with this treatment, What’s even better? The products used with Infusion facials feature all natural ingredients. In fact, this treatment is specially designed to be used all year long no matter which climate you live in!